Build Your Own Expertise to Achieve 10% Revenue Growth.

Xenium™ Business Intelligence Hospitality Solution will assist the hoteliers with readily available/automate user-friendly and updated hospitality SME and industry accepted dashboards and analysis by helping the business and revenue managers just to focus on revenue growth strategy to increase the profits.

Revenue Management

Pre-defined and Customized Reports, Analytics and Dashboards.

Pre-defined Hospitality Industry Standard Dashboards readily available with Real-time/updated data for your business targets/budgeted. Dashboards will assist you for most of the business challenging scenario's.
Create your unique dashboard on an endless freeform canvas. The only thing limiting your dashboard’s design is your imagination and strategic reports.


Room Pricing

Brings changes in economic and social condition to bear on historical data and incorporates seasonality in forecasting, Adds Intelligence to Room Pricing.

Xenium™ Room Pricing module understands your target business customer sources, segments buckets and also understands local conditions and equations. And strategize to better arm your hotel in the fight for its share of revenue in this ever changing and complex world of distribution.

Work Flow Automation

Intelligent Alerts of Deviation to designated people.

Making the right decisions is easy in right time, Xenium™ Hospitality Business Intelligence Solution Alerts will notifying in advance and also initiate the work flow process management with business challenge scenario trigger and will assist to take correct decision and will be stored as knowledgebase for future reference.


Knowledge Management

We can incorporate your Best Practices of Revenue Management in Implantation.

All the existing best practices and routine daily responsibilities can be automated and scheduled as per business demand and assist the organization by freed up the business teams for bigger-picture jobs, for strategic thinking improving revenues and profits.

Periodic Monitoring of Profitability

Profitability Budgeting and Capture of Expense Metrics.

Budget of a hotel can be monitored in detail with revenues in real-time analysis. Xenium™ expense module will help you out to derive the expenses per room per night. And Get Control of Budget, Expenses and Your Business.


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