Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Customer Value Discipline
  • Competitor analysis
  • Capability to meet customer needs, Performance gap analysis
  • Market and risk analysis
  • SWOT Analysis and Strategy mapping

Balanced Scorecard Development

  • Balanced Scorecard Development Workshop Topics:
  • Corporate goals and strategies
  • Departmental SWOT Analyses
  • Strategic objectives from the SWOT Analysis
  • Identification and prioritization of top-level initiatives

Key Performance Indicators: Assessing Business Performance

  • Defining the KPI context – all processes for which KPIs have been defined, associated values, data sets, associated personnel and desired outcomes.
  • Defining KPIs – choosing the measure and the dimensions that will be used to organize and retrieve the data related to the KPI.
  • Defining inbound events and data sources – Once measures have been defined, users can identify the 'events' that will be used by the KPI to display performance.
  • Defining triggers – setting triggers for the events defined as inputs, which drives the KPI to report certain information.
  • Defining presentation –describe the way in which KPI related data will be presented, as per the requirements of users.

Introduction to Business Performance management

  • Tangible Value of Business Decisions to an Enterprise
  • A roadmap to achieve optimum maturity for reaching objectives
  • The Planning Process
  • IT Systems
  • Root Cause Identification
  • Organizational and Behavioral Issues