Introduction to Business Analysis

  • Analyzing and prioritizing business needs
  • Creating dynamic business models using workflow diagrams
  • Deploying evaluative techniques for project selection
  • Writing SMART business objectives
  • Quantifying business case benefits and costs
  • Communicating the requirements package to stakeholders

Building an Effective Business Case

  • Developing and presenting a real business case
  • Analyzing your stakeholders
  • Determining user scenarios for the proposed process or product
  • Identifying and prioritizing alternative solutions
  • Performing cost-benefit analysis
  • Capturing and prioritizing risk using a business case Risk Register
  • Creating a persuasive executive summary

Introduction to Modeling for Business Analysis

  • Building models which include text and diagram elements
  • Highlighting inconsistencies between business rules and a decision table
  • Elaborating a business process model
  • Revising a business object model
  • Finding inconsistencies and omissions using matrices
  • Communicating the final results to the key stakeholders

Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

  • Profiling your personal thinking style and the styles of others
  • Leading through speaking in another style
  • Applying logical methodologies to transform a range of creative options into supportable decisions
  • Preparing a framework to present your decision
  • Developing your personal decision-making toolkit